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Fibers: The Foundation for Health

Our work has revealed that fiber isn’t fiber… it’s fibers. These are diverse nutritional structures delivering better health and better lives.

Our Science is
Made for You

With our groundbreaking Glycopedia (think of this as a catalog of fibers) in hand, we’re bringing made-to-measure gut health to life.

To begin, the work was to characterize the structures of active fibers, thousands of them, from as many plants as we could. That groundbreaking work has produced a growing Glycopedia of nearly 3,000 powerful plant carbohydrate structures.

“The word fiber predates the discoveries of our founding scientists, and implies that there is one fiber instead of thousands of diverse structures with diverse functions. Calling fibers ‘fiber’ is like calling Vitamins A, B12, K3, Iron, and Calcium all ‘nutrient’ without recognition that they are diverse in structures and functions.”

-Matt Barnard

Fueled by Fiber
Powered by Knowledge

And, in fact, this is how imprecisely and vaguely people understood vitamins and minerals until pioneers like Casimir Funk, Adolf Windaus, Nikolai Lunin, Umetaro Suzuki, Frederick Hopkins, James Lind and others did their work – with understanding exploding in the first half of the 20th century.

That first wave of understanding, of how what we eat functions and drives vigor in the human body, was, given the technology of the time, focused on those vitamins and minerals that interact directly with us people, as opposed to those consumed by the pharmacy of vitality in our gut which then, in turn, produces molecules that interact directly with us.

Having started with nutrition from birth and developed a formula that profoundly

lowered infant mortality, the founding science team started working on how to use their discoveries to fuel everyone’s lives, health and happiness at every age. is forging a path in the second wave of scientific understanding of fibers – bringing resolution and understanding to the direct interaction of these novel fibers with the pharmacy in our gut, and a more comprehensive understanding of how to nourish the microbiome we host and depend upon.

Fiber structures are not driven by genetic templates and are very hard to measure, thus we’ve not been fully able to unlock their power. has scaled a unique mass spectrometry capability to build a large and growing database of thousands of natural fiber compositions.

image5 has built a unique, growing and proprietary catalog of plant fiber compositions. We call this a Glycopedia and it powers our ability to make made-to-measure health possible.’s work has shown that fiber composition is incredibly diverse, giving us ample opportunity to patent and develop novel, bioactive carbohydrates with specific health benefits. The database enables us to select plant fiber sources for applications based on chemical structure.’s proprietary process returns the most essential nutrients to our plates – we maximize food usability and help end food waste.